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Whole House Music Speakers

  • Use your iPhone to easily turn on your speakers in the kitchen, choose a Pandora music station ,and adjust the volume to enjoy while you are cooking.
  • Use Alexa voice built into a Sonos whole house music system to say what you would like to listen to and it works like magic.
  • Play that same music around the house and be able to adjust the volume differently for each area from your iPhone.
  • Do 2 or more things at once like watching TV in the Family Room while someone else is listening to music in the backyard.
  • Enjoy music throughout the entire house with in-wall/ in-ceiling speakers, outdoor speakers, or wireless wi fi speakers.
  • Listen to the big game through all of your speakers downstairs.
We can help with all of this and more
We offer design, sales,and installations of modern audio equipment. We are also experts with wireless speakers, ceiling speakers installation, and hidden in-wall wiring setup. If holes need to made in your walls or ceiling we can do the drywall repair and touch up painting.  We have 25 years of experience serving clients in and around Orange County.  Our goal is to make technology simple.
We are authorized dealers for:
  • Audio systems from Sonos, Onkyo, Definitive Technology, DaVinci Audio, Truaudio, Sunfire, Leon, and more
  • Sonos Speakers setup
  • Universal remote controls
Figuring out your options for your home and budget is the first step. Allowing us to modernize your equipment creates the cleanist looking and simplest to use system whether you are using your iPhone with Siri voice or Alexa voice. For information about outdoor speakers installation or pricing estimates, have us come out to do an in-home consultation to figure out some options so you can make an informed decision.

The best in Southern California Home Technology Integrations

Since 1992, Home Technology Expert offers design, sales, and installation of TV, home theater, whole house music, Wi-Fi internet, outdoor audio video and smart home automation to control your home from your mobile phone or your voice whether you are home or not.